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CIPP Lining

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Cured-In-Place-Pipe Lining is a cost-effective process that can be used to rehabilitate underground piping, such as sewers and culverts, without having to carry out costly open-cut excavation and replacement of the pipe. CIPP Lining is a trenchless method of rehabilitation of underground pipelines by lining a new pipe inside a host pipe. The liner is a cured resin-rich polypropylene textile tube, which is placed over a mandrel and pulled into the existing pipe. It is then cured by applying heat and pressure. The result is a new pipe that has the inside diameter of the host pipe. 

The cured liner is very strong and durable and can be used to rehabilitate pipes with internal diameters of up to 1.5m, although larger diameters can be accommodated if the host pipe diameter is increased. The process has been used for over 20 years to rehabilitate sewer pipes and is growing increasingly popular where water supply and drainage (WSD) and sewerage schemes are concerned.

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